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Are you or do someone you know getting married anytime soon? Then you should consider using ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com’s cleaning package for the Bride & Groom after wedding cleaning.

Check out our professional service and packaging for your outfits after the wedding that allows for the showing and preservation of the items for as long as you so desire.

Thank you for Trusting ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com for all your dry cleaning needs. – view this link:


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Ever wait in line behind another customer who is dealing with some unresolved cleaning issues while you’re in a hurry? What about leaving work early to make sure you can pick-up your garments at the cleaner only to get there and found out that they are closed?

Using ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com eliminates the hassle that comes with waiting in line, listening to unhappy customer resolves a conflict and we save you time from rushing out and risking getting an unwanted traffic ticket [lol] in the process!. Our service is tailor made for you, not one size fits all.

Please check your Zip Codes here. If yours is not listed, please email to ask for consideration and we will let you know within 24 hours. Thank You