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Referral Plan

Your friends deserves the same type of service you’re currently getting from ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com. You might not have thought about it – they deserve to know about your dry cleaner. So, if you are on our email list and you receive your copy of our monthly newsletter – go ahead and forward it to as many friends of yours as possible. You’ll have the opportunity to impress them inside the form….make sure you have them mention your name when they call.

And when your friend activate a new service, you’ll automatically receive 10 ABC BUCKS. Wait, it gets better, *every time they use our services – you’ll automatically get 5 additional ABC BUCKS in your account good for use anytime within 30 days. .

So refer ten people, get 100 ABC BUCKS for personal use or give it to another friend for “just because”. That is free bucks on us. Each and every time!

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