ABC Pick-Up and Delivery Van - On the Go.

For some, having any kind of regular dry cleaner is not good enough. Having a dry cleaner that knows how to properly care for valuable personal garments the way it should, combine that with excellent customer service, dependability and convenience - its a piece of mind worth having -That\\\'s the ABC Way!


Season’s Greetings from ABC_ Your Gift Certificate.

TO ALL OUR CORPORATE & RESIDENTIAL MEMBERS – GIFT CERTIFICATE THAT SAYS: WE VALUE YOUR BUSINESS. Thank you for making ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com part of your trusted service provider. How to use: Simply print out this Gift Certificate and place inside your bag when you’re ready to use. We will apply 25% of your total Dry Cleaning cost after each use. You can use this certificate twice during the month of January, 2019. You’re free to share the certificate with your friends in and out of Corporate. We will honor all certificates bearing a known customer’s name. Thanks
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