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ABC Big Bucks

We at ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com welcomes you to our services. As a new member,  we are welcoming you with a gift of 10 ABC BUCKS to spend on any dry cleaning request of $50.00 or more.

As a first time recipient of this note, your 10 ABC BUCKS is valid for 30 days. Should you refer another client to our services, when the new person you referred request a service of $50.00 or more in one service request; you will receive another 10 ABC BUCKS.

This referral bonus is good on any service request of yours of $25.00 or more. So you know that we care! This is the ABC Way!

The Management!

Your Appearance Matters!


Another A-B-C Reason

Ever wait in line behind another customer who is dealing with some unresolved cleaning issues while you’re in a hurry? What about leaving work early to make sure you can pick-up your garments at the cleaner only to get there and found out that they are closed?

The primary reason the conversation between the cleaner and the customer in front usually hangs on the level of quality or lack there of. Other customer tends to have no choice but to wait until its resolved one way or the other. Well, it’s time to try ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com for a new kind of experience.

Using ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com eliminates the hassle that comes with waiting in line, listening to unhappy customers resolve a conflict and rushing out while risking getting an unwanted traffic ticket [lol] in the process! Our service is tailored made for you. We’re not a one size fits all dry cleaning service.