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Great Service/Improve Communications

Providing excellent service to our loyal client base has increased 1000% over the years. What’s new is our ability to effectively communicate same. Now, we’re with the program. Thank you for trusting your personal garments to ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com

All Purpose Dry Cleaner!

Why ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com? Because we’re your ALL PURPOSE, ONE STOP DRY CLEANING SERVICE :-

Dry Clean only Personal garments, button down laundry shirts, leather garments cleaning, alterations, down-feather-beds, shoe repairs, and yes; if your washer or dry should break down.  So, presenting the Wash and Fold service you’ll be happy to know!

The Ultimate Convenience!

Time is Money. A phrase that has been around for hundreds of years. Well, that is exactly what using ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com offers! The more time you can safe from mundane chores like going to “do the usual”, the better.