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Maintaining Garment Luster

If your job requires you to dress professionally (full suit and tie) everyday. How often would you have to dry clean your suit? Assuming you’ll be spending most of your time in the office without many chances of getting them dirty. Would you dry clean the whole suit (jackets, pants, shirt and tie) or just the jackets and simply wash the pants, shirt and tie in your home washing machine?. Read more

How To Keep Your Coats Like New

If your winter coat is a wool blend or a wool-like fabric, start with a lint roller or brush. Wool coats pick up particles that these items can easily remove, such as human or pet hair and lint. Just roll the lint roller over the fabric or brush it with the lint brush. If you don’t have either one of these tools, create a loop with some tape, keeping the sticky side out.

Make the loop large enough to wrap around your hand loosely. You can then pick up particles and hair on women coats or men’s coats by rolling the tape along the fabric with your hand.

Remove loose threads on your winter coat. Cutting these excess threads will help to minimize the lint that your coat picks up as well. Use the clothes shaver, which trims fuzz and lint from fabric, to remove loose threads and those hard-to-reach hair and lint particles from your pea coat or cashmere coat, especially when it has begun piling.

Cut the costs of dry-cleaning, which many winter coats require. Call ABC Dry Cleaning to keep it all together!