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Your Appearance Matters!


Another A-B-C Reason

Ever wait in line behind another customer who is dealing with some unresolved cleaning issues while you’re in a hurry? What about leaving work early to make sure you can pick-up your garments at the cleaner only to get there and found out that they are closed?

The primary reason the conversation between the cleaner and the customer in front usually hangs on the level of quality or lack there of. Other customer tends to have no choice but to wait until its resolved one way or the other. Well, it’s time to try ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com for a new kind of experience.

Using ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com eliminates the hassle that comes with waiting in line, listening to unhappy customers resolve a conflict and rushing out while risking getting an unwanted traffic ticket [lol] in the process! Our service is tailored made for you. We’re not a one size fits all dry cleaning service.

We Go The Extra Mile!

Desired results through countless repetitions, focusing on pleasing the customer from pick-up to delivery, general treatment of your personal items, flexibility with our scheduling, timely customer care and quality work. That’s why we say boldly that you’ll be happy with our work or we will refund your money with no questions asked. Come on and join us for hassle free “Dry Cleaning”.




As our Number 1 client, we value your business and your opinion matters to us. It helps us to gauge how well we are doing in the delivery of our services. Please give a feedback now.

Like to give a VIDEO TESTIMONY or ask any dry cleaning related questions, please upload your video from your hand-held device not more than one [1] minute total for consideration. If we use your video, we will credit your account Ten ABC Bucks good for use on your next service request. Please give us your testimony below.

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