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Your Appearance Matters!


Another A-B-C Reason

Ever wait in line behind another customer who is dealing with some unresolved cleaning issues while you’re in a hurry? What about leaving work early to make sure you can pick-up your garments at the cleaner only to get there and found out that they are closed?

The primary reason the conversation between the cleaner and the customer in front usually hangs on the level of quality or lack there of. Other customer tends to have no choice but to wait until its resolved one way or the other. Well, it’s time to try ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com for a new kind of experience.

Using ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com eliminates the hassle that comes with waiting in line, listening to unhappy customers resolve a conflict and rushing out while risking getting an unwanted traffic ticket [lol] in the process! Our service is tailored made for you. We’re not a one size fits all dry cleaning service.

Wedding Ensemble

How To Properly Protect Your Wedding Garments AFTER THE WEDDING.

Some garments are given away, some are boxed away – when it comes to Wedding Dress- We Can Help Make a Difference – Dry Cleaned, Preserved & Boxed for Safe Keeping.

What happens after the major planning, actual wedding and the honeymoon? A lot usually happens. But one thing is constant – what do we do with the wedding gown and the tuxedos post nuptial? Do we box ’em and put ’em in the attic? Do we give ’em away? What about cleaning? Is it worth it?….

Well, don’t worry. You’ve got ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com. The best in the business for over 10 years. Not only do we make sure your garments are properly cleaned, we preserve your wedding ensemble for future use or even a keepsake because you’ve got the type of preservation that wouldn’t become an eyesore.

Request our 3 layer box service for your prize possession – here’s what you’ll get:

***An interior box displaying your wedding gown half fold depending on the size.

*** A secondary box that protect the entire ensemble from rays, particles and seal in the freshness and

*** An outer layer box permanent storage. So, whenever you want to show or display your most beautiful memory, all you have to do is remove it from the outer box without taking out the entire gown. This is the ABC Way!


Occasional Cleaning Secret


Do you know that leather is not considered a fabric? Yet, it’s used for jackets, pants, skirts, gloves and footwear of all types. Leather is a very hard/tough material. Failing to properly care for your leather items can lead to premature ruin.

Most leather materials will come with caring instructions. It’s best to follow those caring directions to allow you maximum benefits from your high investment as most leather cost more than average garments.

Unlike your suits, regular pants, skirts, leather material does not require cleaning often. Dry Cleaning your leather materials can actually ruin your leather faster than you can imagine. Unless it’s soiled, wet in the rain or you have pet[s] at home, it’s better to use a soft brush to remove foreign particles on your leather.

It is also very important that your leather items are hung on coat hangers every time. Leaving leather on the couch, floor or in a basket can cause irreparable damage to the texture of your item. Leather materials must not be bagged and stuffed into a closet. It has to breathe the natural air to maintain its texture.

Never dry your leather item inside your dryer no matter what the reason. In this instance, you must seek the service of a quality dry cleaner [like ABC Dry Cleaners dot com] to properly clean and protect your leather items. After all, you paid a pretty penny for your leather, therefore it warrants a proper maintenance. When you need to maintain, repair or seek full cleaning service for your leather material, please consider ABC Dry Cleaners dot Com where Your Appearance Actually Matters!

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We Go The Extra Mile!

Desired results through countless repetitions, focusing on pleasing the customer from pick-up to delivery, general treatment of your personal items, flexibility with our scheduling, timely customer care and quality work. That’s why we say boldly that you’ll be happy with our work or we will refund your money with no questions asked. Come on and join us for hassle free “Dry Cleaning”.